A Small, Furry New Companion

I wish to announce the arrival of Jay.


Jay is my brand new rescue dog. He is three years old, very barky, very lively, and very, very big. He’s a German Shepherd. Very enthusiastic and incredibly sweet. He follows me absolutely everywhere. Really – everywhere. 

We took him for his first groom here yesterday: www.nottinghamdoggrooming.com The service was fantastic and what one should expect from a dog groomer. Fantastic.

He looks a little like the image below, but happier and his fur is a little lighter, too. He barks often, eats often, destroys newspapers and slippers a little too often, and is absolutely gorgeous. We love him so much and we’re so happy to have found him. We thought about buying a little puppy but we know that there are just so many dogs out there who need good homes and the puppies are the ones who quickly get snapped up whilst the older dogs may not get into homes for a long, long time – sometimes many, many years which is very sad. We popped down to our local dog’s home and found him pretty much straight away.

Please only comment if the comment is sensible. I have received a LOT of comments that are completely bonkers and I have no idea what they are or why those people keep trying to post them! It’s very odd…

my dog
my dog

A Welcome Respite


A welcome respite from the outside world…

Although I intend to treat this website as a journal, I don’t fancy the idea of posts. I much prefer the idea of diary pages and these are located on the right.

I need not organise my entries as they are mainly for personal use and I know what to look for if I want to find an old entry.

I won’t be writing in here too often anyway.

I don’t mind snoopers; snoop away.